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Wolf conservation

National Geographic Italia 2017

Carles Vilà's opinion about the controversial Italian Wolf action plan, which implies a much discussed culling of some individuals to a maximum of 5% of the actual population.

Photo by Silvano Paiola

Black Hawaiian feral pigs: Polynesian ancestry and hybridisation patterns

Nature World News 2016, New Historian 2016, Science Daily 2016

Referred paper:
A novel MC1R allele for black coat colour reveals the Polynesian ancestry and hybridisation patterns of Hawaiian feral pigs
Linderholm A et al. (2016) Royal Society Open Science 3, 160304. Link |

Photo by Denis Doyle

Origin of North America's wolves

BBC 2016

Referred paper:
Whole mitochondrial genomes illuminate ancient intercontinental dispersals of grey wolves (Canis lupus)
Koblmüller et al. (2016) Journal of Biogeography 43, 1728–1738. |

Photo by Mark Miller/Alamy

Brain size and vulnerability to extinction

BBC 2016

Referred paper:
Larger brain size indirectly increases vulnerability to extinction in mammals
Gonzalez-Voyer et al. (2016) Evolution 70(6), 1364-1375. |

Photo by Jabruson/

Early history of dogs

NBC News 2014

Referred paper:
Genome sequencing highlights the dynamic early history of dogs
Freedman et al. (2013) PLoS Genetics 10, e1004016. Link

Parental care and sexual selection in Tanganyikan cichlid fishes

Roadside Science 2014

Referred paper:
Evolution of egg-dummies in Tanganyikan cichlid fishes: the roles of parental care and sexual selection
Amcoff et al. (2013) Journal of Evolutionary Biology 26, 2369-82.

Photo by Maha Dinesh/Creative Commons

European origin of domestic dogs

Science 2013, Nature 2013, International Bussiness Times 2013,
Richard Dawkins Foundation (Facebook) 2013, El Mundo (Spanish newspaper) 2013

Referred paper:
Complete mitochondrial genomes of ancient canids suggest a European origin of domestic dogs
Thalmann et al. (2013) Science 342, 871-874.

Photo by Del Baston/Center for American Archaeology

Dogs, not wolves, eating sheep

The Economist 2009, La Buvette des Alpages (French newspaper) 2009,
RTVE (Spanish National Radio) 2010, RTVE (Spanish National Radio) - potcast 2010,
Ecología verde (Spanish blog) 2010, El Correo (Spanish newspaper) - Interview 2009,
El Correo (Spanish newspaper) 2010, El Correo (Spanish newspaper) (2nd article) 2010,
El Correo (Spanish newspaper) blog 2010, rtvcyl (Spanish newspaper) 2010,
20 minutos (Spanish newspaper) 2010, Agrodigital (Spanish web) 2010,
Basqueresearch (Spanish web) 2010

Referred paper:
Noninvasive monitoring of wolves at the edge of their distribution and the cost of their conservation
Echegaray & Vilà (2009) Animal Conservation 13, 157-161.

Black Gene in Wolves

Science 2009 Los Angeles Times 2009, New York Times 2009, NBC News 2009,
El Mundo (Spanish newspaper) 2009, UCLA's news blog 2009, Science Daily 2009,
Phys Org 2009, Science 2.0 (blog) 2009, Popular Science (blog) 2009,
Evolutionary Novelties (blog) 2009

Referred paper:
Molecular and evolutionary history of melanism in North American gray wolves
Anderson et al. (2009) Science 323, 1339-1343.

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