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Juan M. Peralta-Sánchez

Estación Biológica de Dońana- CSIC
Avda. Américo Vespucio, 26
41092 Sevilla, Spain
Phone: +34 954 232340
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SCOPUS ID: 56436552700

Research Interests

I am a Nature fan since I was a child. I was fascinated (and still I am) in animals and their behaviors, why plants grow where they do or in communities of marine invertebrates in the rocky coast around my small town. This enthusiastic attitude resulted in a Bachelor and a PhD in biology. During my dissertation, I dived in a special host-parasite system: bacterial community on bird eggshells and their relationship with avian life history traits. I am still working in this really interesting research line extending their limits to other bacterial community as in the skin of vertebrates, in the geographical variation of bacterial communities and egg defenses or the role of egg coloration in bacterial assemblages. This research line have pushed me to develop an interdisciplinary formation, a good network of collaborators and have woke up new avenues for my research. I am also interested in other topics as migration patterns and behavior, bacterial community ecology or other host-parasite interactions.

In other words:

Bacteria-Vertebrate interactions
   - The role of bacterial community on life history traits and fitness of birds
   - Bacteria on the vertebrate skin
   - Geographical variation in gut microbiota in birds
   - Influence of diet in gut bacteria and vertebrate behavior

Migration patterns and behavior
   - Swallows in South Spain
   - Climate changes and migration timing
   - Route changes in white storks

Host-parasite Interactions

Bacterial community ecology


Juan Soler, my PhD advisor
Manuel Martinez Bueno, my other PhD advisor
Manuel Martín-Vivaldi, the responsible researcher in the hoopoe-bacteria system where I have been collaborating so extensively.
Rob Knight, the amazing PI that opened the doors of his lab for my first Postdoc
Anders P. Mřller, the fountain of scientific ideas whom taught me so many things during my PhD stays.


EEZA (where I worked in my PhD)
Department of Zoology - University of Granada (where I defended my PhD dissertation and I have been working for some years)
Department of Microbiology - University of Granada (where I have performed and still do my lab work)
COCN (a non-profitable organization where I have been collaborating for several years)


Peer-reviewed Articles


Nestedness of hoopoes’ bacterial communities: symbionts from the uropygial gland to the eggshell
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The microbiome of the uropygial secretion in hoopoes is shaped along the nesting phase
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Microbial Ecology 72, 1 - 10




Nest bacterial environment affects microbiome of hoopoe eggshells, but not that of the uropygial secretion
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The hoopoe's uropygial gland hosts a bacterial community influenced by the living conditions of the bird
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PLoS ONE 10, e0139734




Laying date, incubation and egg breakage as determinants of bacterial load on bird eggshells: experimental evidence
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Eggshell bacterial load is related to antimicrobial properties of feathers lining barn swallow nests
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Eggshell pigmentation has no evident effects on offspring viability in common kestrels
Fargallo JA, López-Rull I, Miksík I, Eckhardt A, Peralta-Sánchez JM (2014)
Evolutionary Ecology 28, 627 - 637




Environmental factors shape the community of symbionts in hoopoe uropygial gland more than genetic factors
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Mirror-mark tests performed on jackdaws reveal potential methodological problems in the use of stickers in avian mark-test studies
Soler M, Pérez-Contreras T, Peralta-Sánchez JM (2014)
PLoS ONE 9(1), e86193




Special structures of hoopoe eggshells enhance the adhesion of symbiont-carrying uropygial secretion that increase hatching success
Martín-Vivaldi M, Soler JJ, Peralta-Sánchez JM, Arco L, Martín-Platero AM, Martínez-Bueno M, Ruíz-Rodríguez MM, Valdivia E (2014)
Journal of Animal Ecology 83, 1289 - 1301




Advancing our understanding of the human microbiome using QIIME
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Antimicrobial activity and genetic profile of enteroccoci isolated from hoopoes uropygial gland
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Avian life history traits influence eggshell bacterial loads: a comparative analysis
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Cognitive skills and bacterial load: comparative evidence of costs of cognitive proficiency in birds
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Goshawk prey have more bacteria than non-prey
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