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  We use molecular tools to study the evolution of diversity, and assist in its conservation

Mar Comas

Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics Group
Estación Biológica de Doñana - CSIC
Avda. Américo Vespucio, 26
41092 Sevilla, Spain
Phone: +34-954 232340

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Research Interests

Ecology, evolution, herps and genomics are some of the topics that interest me most.

My research interest lies in understanding ecological gradients through altitude. I am approaching to this goal from several perspectives: studying the stable isotope ecology (trophic ecology), performing a parasitological study from an evolutionary point of view, and studying population genetics. For my PhD thesis I use a small mammal community as a model.

I have been studying amphibians and reptiles in the Iberian Peninsula and in Morocco. I have been working on altitudinal gradients with lizards (large Psammodromus) in Sierra Nevada (South of Spain), by means of skeletochronology (histological technique that permits to infer the age of the individual studied), and with the Atlas day gecko in the High Atlas (Morocco), using stable isotopes analysis. I also studied the Pyrenean newt using a parasitological approach (in the Pyrenees, North of Spain) and salamanders in a Mediterranean mountain range (Beni Snassen, Morocco).


Peer-reviewed articles in ISI journals


Comparison of the effectiveness of phalanges vs. humeri and femurs to estimate lizard age with skeletochronology
Comas M, Reguera S, Zamora–Camacho FJ, Salvadó H, Moreno–Rueda G (2016)
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 39.2: 237–240



Breeding ecology of the southern shrike (Lanius meridionalis) in an agrosystem of south–eastern Spain: the surprisingly excellent breeding success in a declining population
Moreno–Rueda G, Abril–Colón I, López–Orta A, Álvarez–Benito I, Castillo–Gómez C, Comas M, Rivas JM (2016)
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 39: 89-98



Cannibalism observed in a tadpole of the Western Spadefoot Toad Pelobates cultripes (Cuvier, 1829)
Comas M, Escoriza D (2015)
Herpetozoa 27: 203-205



Why are prevalence and diversity of helminths in the endemic Pyrenean brook newt Calotriton asper (Amphibia, Salamandridae) so low?
Comas M, Ribas A (2015)
Journal of Helminthology 89, 175–181



Is Hylaosaurus koellikeri a true forest lizard?
Escoriza D, Comas M (2015)
Herpetological Conservation and Biology 10, 610–620



High levels of prevalence related to age and body condition: host-parasite interactions in a water frog Pelophylax kl hispanicus
Comas M, Ribas A, Milazzo C, Sperone E, Tripepi S (2014)
Acta Herpetologica 9, 25-31



Stable isotope analysis reveals variation in trophic niche depending on altitude in an endemic alpine gecko
Comas M, Escoriza D, Moreno-Rueda (2014)
Basic and Applied Ecology 15, 362-369



Elusive but widespread? The potential distribution and genetic variation of Hyalosaurus koellikeri (Günther, 1873) in the Maghreb
de Pous P, Mora E, Metallinou M, Escoriza D, Comas M, Donaire D, Pleguezuelos JM, Carranza S (2011)
Amphibia-Reptilia 32, 385-397



Description of a new subespecies of Salamandra algira Bedriaga, 1883 (Amphibia: Salamandridae) from the Beni Snassen massif (Northeast Morocco)
Escoriza D, Comas MM (2007)
Salamandra 43, 77-90



Rediscovery of Salamandra algira Bedriaga, 1883 from the Beni Snassem massif (Morocco) and phylogenetic relationships of North African Salamandra
Escoriza D, Comas MM, Donaire D, Carranza S (2006)
Amphibia-Reptilia 27, 448-455


Peer-reviewed articles in non-ISI journals

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Popular Science

Escoriza D, Ben Hassine J, Comas M (2013) Salamandra algira spelaea, a vanishing salamander to protect. FrogLog 107 21 (3), 21-22. |